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Direct Lender providing stated income loans for most single family rental property investment homes primarily used for business purpose including Airbnb properties.  We also finance other rental properties that produce monthly cash flow.  All of our loans for investment properties don't require W2's or personal income or tax returns.  We have common since underwriting that uses the property to determine risk along with a decent borrower credit score.

Fixed Rate Airbnb Loans

Fixed Rate Airbnb Loans

3/1 - 5/1 - 7/1 - 10/1 ARM - 30 Year Fixed Rate

30 Year Amortization

Interest Only Options

No Tax Returns Required

No Personal DTI Ratios

NO Upfront Fees

Unbeatable Terms

Unbeatable Terms

Stated Income Lender - No Tax Returns

Purchase - Rate & Term - Cash Out

Aggressive Property DSCR

Up to 85% on Purchases

Up to 75% Cash Out

NO Ratio Loans


We focus on Airbnb loans for investors.  Our experienced lending team is made from investors just like you and understand the hurdles of financing rental property.  We have a Nationwide footprint and can lend our own money in most areas of the United States.


1. Quote your rental property

Call or Apply online now in order to speak with one of our investment professionals to determine your exact needs.  Most of our associates are real estate experts and have rental property loans and understand the challenges in today's lending environment.


2. Commitment period

We dont take any money from you.  The only risk of our loan is the appraisal. After you feel 100% confident in our ability to close your loan, we ask you to pay the AMC for the valuation of the loan.  A comprehensive checklist will be provided and required to close.


3. Close your rental property loan

After sucessful delivery of clear title, appraisal, entity docs, lease, if applicable,we are prepared to close your loan.  We are as efficient as the people that we rely on helping us gather the necessary items.  Normal closing times are 3-4 weeks.


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    Condominium project with terrific amenities located in Southern California- 65% LTV - Challenged credit borrower - 10 year fixed rate, Interest ...Read More Only for 10 years, Rate was financed for 7 years at 7.875%. - Great deal on a property that cash flows 5 digits/monthly. 19 day close. Read Less

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    San Diego, CA - Airbnb rental property does fantastically... We didn't care there wasn't a lease, we used the borrowers experience and was ...Read More able to put together a great 30 year fixed rate at 7.5% loan.  Borrower, used the money to take advantage of other business opportunity.  28 day close. Read Less

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    Phoenix, AZ - Tremendous cash cow rental property acquisition at 70% LTV/LTC - 3/1 ARM - 30Year Amortization 6.375% Fixed.

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    Vacation Rental Property located in Gatlinburg, TN - Purchase - 80% LTV - Rate was 6.875% 5/1 ARM.

What Are Airbnb Property Lenders?

For more than a decade now, Airbnb has changed the way people explore the world around them. All over the globe, people are visiting new cities and staying in homes, condos, and apartments instead of hotels.

That’s not the only change Airbnb has introduced, either.

The other big impact the company has had is how many people now make money. Airbnb is no longer just a fun way for homeowners to make a little extra money. Many people have turned the site into their main source of income.

If you’re considering doing the same, the first step is learning about Airbnb property lenders.

What Do Airbnb Property Lenders Do?

The short answer is that Airbnb property lenders are those that specialize in serving clients who want to purchase properties they can rent out on the popular website.

That’s not to say most of these lenders only focus on this market, though. Most are nonbank lenders like us that focus on a large number of different client types.

For the most part, Airbnb property lenders almost never refer to traditional banks. Such lenders usually don’t want to get involved with offering mortgages for rental properties. Among other things, turning the home into a source of income usually requires a different interest rate for these financial institutions.

3 Reason to Work with Airbnb Property Lenders

While it’s always a good idea to shop around when looking for financial products, if you’re trying to fund the purchase of an Airbnb property, you should begin your search with Airbnb property lenders. For the following three reasons, they’re practically guaranteed to be your best choice.

1. Experience Serving Airbnb Investment Properties

As we touched on above, most traditional lenders want nothing to do with Airbnb properties. Even though the company has been around since 2008, the vast majority of banks have simply never been interested in financing vacation rental properties. In terms of mortgages, their business model has always been focused on helping people pay for their primary residences.

Not surprisingly, even among those traditional banks that would consider financing the purchase of an Airbnb property, it’s unlikely that any have significant experience serving this community. They might be able to put up the required money but structuring the loan to meet the unique needs of this market will probably not be on the table.

AirBnb Financing BLOGS

As a Nationally based Airbnb lender, we strive to give investors information about the vacation rental property lending market.

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March 18, 2019

Explore why we are a leading Airbnb mortgage lender.  Financing income rental property loans with No personal tax returns required.

Stated Income Lender for Rental Properties

Stated Income Lender for Rental Properties

March 21, 2019

Stated income is a fantastic way to finance rental properties especially, if you have already hit your fannie mae limit of 10, can prove your personal or business income, or self employed borrower.

Financing for Luxury Houses

Financing for Luxury Houses

April 1, 2019

Lets face it financing for luxury homes can be difficult.  Cash out is next to impossible.  Even if you have strong income using your personal income tax returns.  With rates in the 6-7% range, Using a non-bank lender can be a great tool for investors.